Ed's 1990 Porsche 928S4: Before Purchase

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Before Purchase: June 1999

As I'm (where "I" is Ed) writing this, it's June 12, 1999. Helen and I just got back from Council Bluffs, Iowa, where we made a deal on a 1990 Porsche 928S4 (my dream car for at least a decade). We should be able to take possession within a month; it'll be a long wait!

You can read more about this incredible machine at the "928S Forever" web site (among numerous other sites; this car has a rather enthusiastic following!). Production on the 928 ended in 1995, so shopping for a used one in excellent condition is quite a task (we had to go out of town for ours!)

picture Nice shot of the front and side. Unfortunately, I forgot to close the driver-side door first.

Ed trying not to drool on the car. picture

picture The 928 has an unquestionably Teutonic dashboard, i.e., not a lot of bells and whistles, just a lot of practicality. One neat feature is that instead of the usual tilt steering wheel, when you tilt the wheel, the entire instrument cluster tilts with it.

Rear beauty shot. In my opinion, this thing has the best hind end I've seen on the road. Definitely one of its best features. picture

picture Two beauties in one shot! (Hmmm; I guess you know who the great photographer was!)

Note the mirror-like black finish. Hard to believe it's a 1990 car! Something tells me I'm going to be spending considerably more time keeping this car clean than my current '83 VW Scirocco.

The power plant. 5.0 liters of displacement, 32 valves, and 316 horses under that hood.

Under 29K miles on this car, too! How the previous owners could have driven it so little is beyond me.


picture View from the hatch. I pity anyone who ever wants to ride in the back seats (if you can find them).

What's this? It doesn't look like a Porsche! Well, actually, it's Helen's car, which we just got a week ago. It's a 1994 Infiniti J30. She got to get a newer car. Mine's just a 1990. Who came out ahead? picture

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